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eNeuralNet (Thomas P. Kemp, Jr.)

Текст: I wanted to write you a letter to tell you how pleased we are with your work. We are into our fourth or fifth project now and we intend to keep the relationship going.

Doing business in Russia often has many pitfalls. I have found that the only way to successfully execute a business relationship is to work with a person and organization of great integrity. Working with you and your team has been as positive of a development experience as we have had with any company. You have kept your word, met every deadline and have been very fair in your pricing.

Your work has been excellent. In addition to executing our instructions, you have also been a valuable resource to improve on the design and implementation.

I look forward to a long relationship and please fell free to use me as a reference to anyone that is looking to do business with you. I am also recommending you to friends of mine!